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Enjoy an Exclusive Discount on Freedom Pizza through myAlfred!

Last Updated:Nov 28, 2023

Hey pizza lovers! Get ready to elevate your pizza game with exclusive discounts on Freedom Pizza, all thanks to the awesome partnership with myAlfred! 

In this blog, we’re diving into a world of mouth watering flavours and unbeatable deals. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a tasty escape, Freedom Pizza’s something for everyone. From classic favourites to bold creations, there’s no shortage of deliciousness. 

The Joy of Eating Smart: Freedom Pizza Meets Digital Ingenuity

Freedom Pizza Offer


At the heart of the bustling UAE is Freedom Pizza — a brand that’s as local as your favourite neighbourhood spot. It’s not just about what you eat; it’s about celebrating the community. With partners who are more like friends, the trust is baked right into every slice.

Their commitment to sustainability is not just a promise but a practice — say goodbye to plastic cutlery and straws and hello to eco-friendly dining. The digital prowess of Freedom Pizza ensures your online ordering is as smooth as the mozzarella they layer on your favourite pie.

Now, let’s talk direct and naturally. There’s a reason why every bite feels like a fresh garden party in your mouth. Freedom Pizza uses organic, all-natural ingredients, free from preservatives and added hormones. Real people, real food, with a real passion for exceeding expectations.

Exclusive Discounts for myAlfred Members — The Cherry on Top!

As a myAlfred member, you are privy to a realm of culinary delights with a side of savings. Embrace the perk of an exclusive discount on your entire order. For those with a myAlfred premium membership, the treat gets even better with a bigger discount on the whole feast.

The Gourmet Gallery: A Slice of Heaven for Every Palate

Dive into the ‘Double Down’ with a generous helping of beef pepperoni, or sway to the rhythm of the ‘Smokey Joe’ with its smoked chicken and BBQ tang. Vegetarians aren’t left behind, with the ‘Mother Earth’ pizza offering a burst of veggies and the freshest of mozzarella.

From the meat-lovers dream ‘Meat Eater’ to the spice-infused ‘Saatchi&’, each pizza is a masterpiece. And for those who march to the beat of their own drum, ‘Create Your Own’ lets you be the maestro of your meal.

How to Redeem Your Offer on Freedom Pizza?

Unlocking this delectable deal is a breeze:

  • Go to the Locale – Freedom Pizza website or download the Locale mobile app.
  • Create an account or log in to the app/website.
  • Add the desired items to your shopping cart.
  • Click on “Redeem Now” on this offer page to receive your exclusive promo code.
  • If using the Locale mobile app, go to “Offers”, then click on “Add Coupon” and enter the unique promo code provided by myAlfred in the designated field.
  • Select the “myAlfred 15% Off” coupon from the “Coupons” section.
  • The discount will be applied when you proceed to checkout.

If using the Locale web browser:

  • Beneath the cart value, you will find the option to “Add Coupon”. Enter the unique promo code received from myAlfred in the designated field.
  • Select the “myAlfred 15% Off” coupon from the “Coupons” section.
  • The discount will be applied when you proceed to checkout.
  • Enjoy the offer!


Offer can be used unlimited times per user and is valid for online orders only. Delivery charges may also apply.


Wrapping up our pizza adventure, it’s been a blast sharing the mouthwatering world of Freedom Pizza with you, all made even better thanks to the exclusive discounts through myAlfred. 

Remember, great food is best enjoyed with great company, so grab your friends, fire up the myAlfred app, and let the pizza party begin! With every bite, you’re not just tasting flavours; you’re experiencing a new level of deliciousness. Cheers to more pizza nights and unforgettable moments.

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