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Go Green this 2024: Grab ReLoop’s Exclusive myAlfred Discount

Last Updated:Jan 12, 2024

Want to make a positive impact on the planet effortlessly? Look no further than ReLoop, the innovative recycling app that’s revolutionizing the UAE. Discover how ReLoop’s commitment to sustainability pairs perfectly with an incredible discount from myAlfred. 

Let’s delve into how you can join the eco-friendly movement.

ReLoop: Reinventing Recycling

ReLoop, operated by ReLoop Limited, is on a mission to make recycling a breeze. With their user-friendly app and meticulous processes, they ensure your recyclables never end up in the trash.

ReLoop is making waves in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, and they’re expanding their green initiative to Al Ain, Ajman, and UAQ. Join their mission for a cleaner and more sustainable UAE!

Why ReLoop is Exceptional

Effortless Recycling

What sets ReLoop apart is their commitment to providing an exceptional recycling experience. By simply downloading the ReLoop app, you gain access to a hassle-free way of scheduling collections for your recyclables. Sit back and relax as your items receive VIP treatment, knowing that you are actively contributing to a more sustainable world.

Track Your Impact

But that’s not all! ReLoop goes beyond the act of recycling itself. With their innovative tracking feature, you can monitor your recycling journey and see the tangible impact you’re making. It’s a great way to stay motivated and take pride in the positive changes you’re bringing about.

Rewards Galore

As a token of appreciation, ReLoop rewards your commitment to recycling. Every time you recycle, you earn valuable ReLoop Points. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, from paying bills and indulging in online shopping to supporting charitable causes. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the planet.

ReLoop’s influence is rapidly spreading across the UAE. Already making waves in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, they are now expanding their green initiative to Al Ain, Ajman, and UAQ. By joining ReLoop, you become a part of their mission for a cleaner, greener UAE.

Affordable Green Living

Exciting news! myAlfred is offering an exclusive discount on ReLoop’s monthly subscription. This is your opportunity to embrace a sustainable lifestyle at an amazing price.  Seize the myAlfred-exclusive discount and hop aboard the ReLoop train—a ticket to a cleaner and happier planet.

How to Claim Your Exclusive Discount

  • Step 1: Get ReLoop: Visit their website and download the app.
  • Step 2: Choose Your Plan: Select the monthly subscription that suits you best.
  • Step 3: Unlock Your Discount: Visit the myAlfred offer page and click “Redeem Now” to obtain your special promo code.
  • Step 4: Apply at Checkout: Remember to enter the promo code when checking out your subscription to enjoy instant savings.

Note: The discount is applicable only to monthly subscriptions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with ReLoop’s terms and conditions.

Ready to Embrace Sustainability?

Get in on the action by downloading the ReLoop app and snagging your exclusive myAlfred offer. It’s your chance to make a real difference for the planet, one small step at a time. Remember, sustainability starts with each of us doing our part. 

So why wait? Join the ReLoop community today and let’s have some fun while making a positive impact.

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